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All the things....

So you want to go somewhere but you don't know where? The possibilities are endless! It can be a bit overwhelming really. I can help with that! Playing "vacation matchmaker" is really fun for me! Ill help you hone in on where to go to make you forget all your worries with a few questions during our consultation!

Know where you want to go but you don't have the time or the knowledge of the area so you need an expert? I can help with that too!! I may not be a world traveler (yet) but I have access, time, and many different resources that will help me build you that perfectly seamless getaway.

There are so so sooooo many things that I didn't even know that I NEEDED to know before I became a travel advisor. Let me save you valuable time researching and comparing the best hotels in the area. Let me narrow down your list of great dinner spots for your celebration dinner! Let me find you that dreamy spot that you will be talking about for years to come!

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